Benoît Camenen

Researcher (DR2), HDR, team leader
Theme: Sediment transport and river morphodynamics
Phone: 04 72 20 86 07 Cellphone: 06 88 32 78 50
benoit.camenen [@] n° ORCID: 0000-0003-1677-5225
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Research Topics
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Major projects
Bodies and Committees

Research topics

  • Experimental and 1D numerical study of the stock and transport of fine sediments, focusing on sand dynamics (Arc-Isère river system, Rhône River);
  • Bedload and suspended load field measurements (Arc, Isère, Rhône, Colorado, Mékong, and Amazone rivers);
  • Estimation of bed load sediment transport and alternate bar morphodynamics for sediment mixture (laboratory experiments);
  • Experimental and numerical study of gravel bar morphodynamics (Arc River).

Major projects

  • Deposition and Erosion of fine sediment in Alpine Rivers (DEAR, 2019-2022): ANR project, which aim at improving the understanding and modelling of fine sediments (including sand) dynamics in alpine rivers, in particular on their interaction with gravel bars and vegetation. Manager of the project. Funding 450k€ (240k€ for Inrae).
  • Rhône Sedimentary Observatory (Plan Rhône/FEDER, OSR2 : 2009-2013, OSR4 : 2015-2017, OSR5 : 2018-2020): Regional research program focusing on the sediment dynamics and associated contaminants in the Rhône River,  from Lake Genova to the Mediterranean sea. Contribution the sediment transport measurements and modelling, development of a network of hydro-sedimentary stations and a 1D hydro-sedimentary model of the Rhône from Lake Geneva to the sea.
  • REstoring rivers FOR effective catchment Management (Reform, 2011-2015): European FP7 project, which aim to provide a framework for improving the success of hydromorphological restoration measures to reach, in a cost-effective manner, target ecological status or potential of rivers. Contribution on the input of 1D modelling for providing indicators (WP2 led by A. Gurnell). Funding 7M€ (170k€ for Irstea).
  • Redynamisation du Vieux-Rhin (2008-2012): Interreg European project conducted in collaboration with French and German partners, including UM5600 (H. Piégay), LWI Braunschweig (A. Dittrich). Contribution to the assessment of the feasibility, risks and efficiency of sediment artificial feeding measures, using 1D and 2D morphodynamical simulation (cf. PhD C. Béraud). Funding 1,3M€ (200k€ for Irstea).
  • Coopera projects (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region).
    • Fine sediment dynamics over a coarse matrix: laboratory studies (2015-2016 with INRS, Québec, Canada. Coordinator, Funding 37k€);
    • Estimation of Suspended Particular Matter dynamics in the Saigon River, Vietnam (2015-2017, IRD, CARE laboratory, Ho-Chi-Minh-Ville, Vietnam, coordinated by N. Gratiot, Funding 104k€, 10k€ for Irstea).
  • Projects with the French Water Agency (Agence de l’Eau RMC) :
    • Action on the estimation of fine sediment deposits using image analysis (2018-2019, Funding: 49k€)
    • Action on bedload transport measurements (2011-2012, Funding: 52k€).
  • PHC Stefanik (2008-2009, 2012-2013): Bilateral collaboration with the Slovak Water Research Institure (VUVH, Bratislava) on the observation and modelling of morphodynamical changes in large, trained rivers.
  • PHC Sakura (2008-2009). Bilateral collaboration with the research team of H. Nakagawa, Kyoto University, Japan. Contribution to the design et deployment of laboratory experimentations in compound channels in 2009 (PhD Y. Peltier), and in a street model in 2012 (PhD of P.H. Bazin).
  • Projects on the Mékong RIver (2012, 2013) and Amazone River (2014): Contribution to the design, deployment and post-processing of two field campaigns aiming at quantifying the sediment fluxes in the Mekong River including hydroacoustic analyses with J. Le Coz. Collaboration on similar issues on the Amazon River with the French Research Institute for Development (IRD) and the University of Manaus, within the HyBAm observatory.


University, engineering schools

• since 2017 : Teaching and project on sediment trasport for students in engineering school, ENGEES (Master level, 12 hours over  2 days);
• since 2016 : Teaching on hydraulics and sediment trasport for students in engineering school, ENTPE (Batchelor level, approx 20h).

Professional training

• since 2010 : Training course on the measurement of regulatory flows (discharge measurements using currentmeters, aDcp, hydraulic laws) for OFB (ex-Onema) agents in charge of Water Police operations ( 5 days)

Student supervision

On going PhD
  • 2019-2022 : J. Deng. Dynamics of fine sediments in an alternate bar system of an alpine river. C. Bernard University, Lyon 1. Supervision 100%;
  • 2019-2022 : S. Gupta. Dynamics of fine stock in an alternate bar system and impact on the morphodynamics: a laboratory study. C. Bernard University, Lyon 1. Supervision 50% avec Céline Berni (50%) ;
  • 2016-2019 : Dramais G. Methods for estimating sand fluxes in large rivers. C. Bernard University, Lyon 1. Supervision 50% with J. Le Coz. (50%) ;
Completed (see the list)

Bodies and Committees

  • Member of the national standardization commission “Hydrometry” and “Sediment transport” (AFNOR X10C, since2018),
  • Member of the scientific committee of the Water Agency Rhône-Méditerranée basin (since 2014),
  • Organizing committee of conferences : TSMR 2017, AIRH RiverFlow 2018,
  • Scientific committee of conferences: AIRH RiverFlow, ISRS, TSMR, SHF (divers événements since 2016).


45 publications in international journals, 14 publications in national journals
56 publications in peer reviewed conference proceedings
8 books or book chapters
h-index: 15 (Web of Science)

Some recent publications
  • Antoine, G.,  Camenen, B., Jodeau, M., Némery, J. & Esteves M. (2020). Downstream erosion and deposition dynamics of fine suspended sediments due to dam flushing. J. Hydrology. doi: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2020.124763
  • Perret, E., Berni, C., & Camenen, B.(2020) How does the bed surface impact low-magnitude bedload transport over gravel-bed rivers? Earth Surface Processes & Landform. doi: 10.1002/esp.4792
  • Santini, W., Camenen, B. , Le Coz, J., Vauchel, P., Guyot, J.-L., Lavado, W., Carranza, J., Paredes, M., Pères-Arévalo, J. J., Arévalo, N., Espinoza-Villar, R., Julien, F. & Martinez, J.M. (2019). An index concentration method for suspended load monitoring. Earth Surface Dynamics., 7(2): 515-536
  • Camenen, B., Naudet, G., Dramais, G. Le Coz, J & Paquier A. (2019). A multi-technique approach for evaluating sand dynamics in a complex engineered piedmont river system. Science of the Total Environment, 657:485-497.
  • Launay, M., Dugué, V., Faure, J.-B., Coquery, M., Camenen, B. & Le Coz J. (2019) Numerical modelling of the suspended particulate matter dynamics in a regulated river network.. Science of the Total Environment, 665:591-605.
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