Sylvain COULIBALY (2022)*

Sylvain COULIBLY (2021)
Construction of a graphical interface for 1D numerical models
Supervisors: J.B. Faure, A. Paquier, B. Camenen (RiverLy, Eq. Hydraulique)
Funding: PITI project, Institut Carnot

The main objective of the « PamHyr : Computing interface for 1D models » project is to
rewrite in the python language a platform for pre- and post-processing of one-dimensional hydrosedimentary
calculation software developed by the « River hydraulics » team, named PamHyr.
With the support of the teams of numericians and modellers from INRAE and CNR, I will take
over the PamHyr platform, initially developed in Java and I will rewrite it in Python in order
to be more scalable, and to integrate several updates concerning the team’s one-dimensional
calculation software (Mage, RubarBE and AdisTS) to the platform.
The planned development will be done with the following program :

  • Reconstruction of the current PamHyr code structure in Python
  • Integration of Mage, RubarBE and AdisTS codes
  • Implementation of a results mapping routine
  • Testing and validation of the platform for each of the codes and their different functionalities
  • Implementation of a multilingual interface (French, English).