River Hydraulics research team – INRAE Lyon

In order to contribute to improved hydrographic networks management, the River Hydraulics team studies the physical behavior of rivers. The effort focuses on the understanding and modeling of flows and transported materials: pollutants and sediments. In the context of natural watercourses, this study involves the description of the morphology of the various beds and their evolution, mainly related to the hydrological regime and to human interactions.

The research areas of the team are:

A specificity of the team is to address these research topics with three complementary approaches:     

The objectives of the team are, in addition to the development of knowledge inherent in the field of research, to provide methods and tools useful to researchers, engineers, and technicians working in the field of water.

The team consists of 7 researchers, 2 engineers and 2 technicians with the support of a dozen contract workers (internships, doctoral students, post-docs, engineers). The team is led by Benoît Camenen.