Ongoing PhD projects

Bastien CERINO*

Bastien CERINO (2019-2024) Large-scale structures in shallow sheared flows over rough bottoms Supervisors : Sébastien Proust (INRAE), Céline Berni (INRAE), Vladimir Nikora (Aberdeen University) Doctoral school: MEGA

Clémént FAGOUR*

Clément Fagour (2021-2024) Pollutions due to urban floods: experimental and numerical experiments of a pollutant dispersion in case of sewage system overflows or accidents Supervisors: Sébastien Proust (INRAE Lyon), Emmanuel Mignot (INSA),  and Emeline Comby (EVS) Doctoral school: MEGA  

Guillaume BODART*

Junjian DENG*

Junjian DENG (2019-2022) Fine sediment dynamics over an alternate gravel bar system in a harnessed alpine river Supervisor: Benoît Camenen (Irstea Lyon) Doctoral school: MEGA (Mécanique Energétique, Génie civil, Acoustique). The objective of this PhD work is to better understand the fine sediment dynamics (erosion/deposition) in engineered alpine rivers, and its impact on the morphodynamics …

Lorris GOND*

Lorris GOND (2018-2021) Determination of transverse mixing coefficients in a shallow water wandering  gravel-bed river : application to the Durance River Supervisors: Emmanuel Mignot (LMFA), Jérôme Le Coz (Irstea Lyon) Doctoral school: MEGA (Mécanique Energétique, Génie civil, Acoustique). Transverse mixing coefficients are key to predicting the efficiency of pollutant dispersion in rivers. While most studies …

Shashank GUPTA*

Shashank GUPTA (2019-2022) Laboratory experiments on fine sediment erosion and deposition in an alternated bar system and its impact on bar morphodynamics. Supervisors: Céline Berni (RiverLy, Hydraulics) & Benoît Camenen (RiverLy, Hydraulics) Ecole Doctorale: MEGA, Lyon An alternate bar system is a typical morphological pattern that appears in rivers characterized by a significant sediment input …

Jessica LAIBLE*

Mathieu LUCAS*

Mathieu LUCAS (2019-2022) Historical reanalysis of Rhône flows at Beaucaire: extreme floods and climatic variability of flows Supervisors: J. Le Coz (RiverLy, Eq. Hydraulique), B. Renard (RiverLy, Eq. Hydrologie) & M. Lang (RiverLy, Eq. Hydrologie) Doctorale School: TUE (Terre Univers Environnement), Grenoble A first step will be related to the analysis of the variability of …

Nicolas NOCLIN*

Nicolas NOCLIN (2019-2022) Role of hydraulic forcing on fluvial sedimentary environments; hydraulic modeling approach coupled with sedimentary and geophysical studies Supervisors: Thierry Winiarski (ENTPE, Lehna), Brice Mourrier (ENTPE, Lehna), Jérôme Le Coz (Irstea Lyon) Doctoral school: Chemistry Lyon The human actions, particularly over the last century, have caused many disturbances on the sedimentary regime of …