1D morphodynamical modelling: RubarBE

Solving 1-D de Saint Venant equations for flow calculation and sediment transport equation for bed load transport and morphological changes

Scientific issues

  • Developing a robust code for hydrodynamic and morphological evolution permiting to simulate dam break waves and other extreme floods, including hydraulic jumps and supercritical flows
  • Taking into account sediment variability using only two parameters median diameter d50 and standard deviation  σ; how to manage the evolution fo these two  parameters during mixtures, depositions, erosions, … for instance to simulate grain sorting
  • Distribution of shear stresses  to estimate the distribution of deposition and erosion across and along a river reach ; how to obtain river morphological evolution

General Information

In the Rubar 3 version, the software can be used to solve de Saint Venant equations only in case of flash floods, particularly dam break waves (specific module for progressive failure of embankments).

Rubar 3 as well as RubarBE can be coupled with respectively Rubar 20 or Rubar 20 TS in order to perform a coupled 1D /2D calculation.

To join us: rubar3@inrae.fr

Method & résults

  • Most part of the recent developments was on the validation of the evolution of the sediment parameters (Camenen et al., 2018)
Bed evolution applying RubarBE on the experiments from Seal et al. (1997)
Grain evolution (d50 ,σ ) applying RubarBE on the experiments from Seal et al. (1997)
  •  During his PhD study, K. El kadi Abderrezzak  v alidated the morphological code on laboratory and field cases (for floods and dam break waves) (El kadi Abderrezzak et al., 2008, El kadi Abderrezzak & Paquier 2009)
  • Other studies validated the distribution of shear stresses across the section (Khodashenas & Paquier, A., 1999, Khodashenas et al., 2008) and the distribution of eroded / deposited volumes inside the section and the reach (Latapie, 2011)


  • 2008-2012:  InterReg Project « Redynamisation du Vieux-Rhin »


  • Water Research Institute (WRI-VUVH), Bratislava, Slovakia: K. Holubova, M. Lukac; comparing morphological models
  • UMR5600: H. Piégay et F. Arnaud, applying RubarBE on field data (Ain River)


  • 2009-2012 : Béraud C. Modélisation numérique des impacts de recharges sédimentaires en rivière aménagée : Cas du Vieux-Rhin entre Kembs et Breisach. Université C. Bernard, Lyon 1. 249p.
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