Ongoing postdoc and contractual projects

Felipe-Alberto MENDEZ-RIOS*

Balise CALMEL*


Sylvain COULIBLY (2021) Construction of a graphical interface for 1D numerical models Supervisors: J.B. Faure, A. Paquier, B. Camenen (RiverLy, Eq. Hydraulique) Funding: PITI project, Institut Carnot The main objective of the « PamHyr : Computing interface for 1D models » project is to rewrite in the python language a platform for pre- and post-processing …


Léa KIEFFER (2020-2024) 1D hydro-sedimentary modelling of the Rhône River Supervisors: J. Le Coz, B. Camenen, J.B. Faure (RiverLy, River Hydraulics team) Fundings: OSR projects 1D hydro-sedimentary modelling of the Rhône River from Geneva lake to the Mediterranean Sea Developed as part of the OSR programs, the Rhone model is a 1D numerical model that …