Experimental sites

Rhône Sediment Observatory

Arc-Isère site

Scientific issue Togother with developments made in hydrometry, the team developped a hydro-sedimentary station network in some field sites (Rhône, Arc-Isère). The objective is here to better understand fine sediment fluxes depending on the hydrology and human intervention (flush, works on the river, etc.) but also to better evaluate fine sediment exchange with the bed …

Yzeron River

The Yzeron catchment (150 km²) is a typical peri-urban catchment located in the west of the Lyon metropolis. It has experimented a continuous urbanisation since the middle of the 20th century along with a decreate of agricultural activity. The impact of these changes on the hydrological behaviour of the catchment is the key scientific and …

Ardèche River

SARAM site (Seymard, Ain, Rhône, Albarine, Miribel)