Numerical modelling

Modelling environment

1D hydro-sedimentary modelling: AdisTS

1D morphodynamical modelling: RubarBE

Solving 1-D de Saint Venant equations for flow calculation and sediment transport equation for bed load transport and morphological changes

2D modelling: Rubar20 and Rubar20TS

Software Rubar 20 solves 2-D de Saint Venant equations using explicit finite volumes method. It integrates supercritical flow and breaching of embankment. Coupling a advection diffusion equation permits to simulate solute, sediment or hydrocarbon transport and eventually to modify topography (Rubar 20 TS software). Rubar 20 as well as Rubar20TS can be coupled with respectively …

Simple software for dam/dike break modelling

Castor and CastorDigue