2D modelling: Rubar20 and Rubar20TS

Software Rubar 20 solves 2-D de Saint Venant equations using explicit finite volumes method. It integrates supercritical flow and breaching of embankment.

Coupling a advection diffusion equation permits to simulate solute, sediment or hydrocarbon transport and eventually to modify topography (Rubar 20 TS software).

Scientific questions

  • Developing hydrodynamic and morphological code permiting to simulate extreme floods including levee failures.
  • Describing all the obstacles and exchanges during an urban flood
  • Taking into account sediment varaibility through two parameters: median diameter d50 and standard deviation σ; how to manage the evolution of these two parameters using specific equations for deposition, erosion, mixtures, for instance to represent grain sorting.

General information


To join us: rubar20@inrae.fr

Example of result

Erosion downstream a breach during a 100 year flood




  • LMFA, INSA Lyon
  • Ljubljana University, Slovenia


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